About me


Laura Hubert, 29, currently head of Digipix Agency, a bilingual digital agency
based in Ireland.



I’ve dedicated six years of my life studying. I graduated with a licence in History
and Languages, a Master in Information and Communication and with an MBA in
Communication & Digital Strategy with honours. During my last year of study,
I wrote a professional thesis on a subject which means a lot to me, tourism of
tomorrow. « The open data to sustainable tourism service » was the opportunity
to discover all these alternatives mass tourism that continues to falter.

Seeking adventure and authenticity, I started preparing in 2015 a journey to South East Asia under the name of Laura the Explorer. This personal project led me to a sponsoring campaign and the creation of a website.

I moved to Ireland in 2016 and was working for Apple as a technical adviser. It was during this time that the concept of Digipix Agency came to mind. In 2017 I began constructing the business which has now been running for few months.